Lizanne Welding-Mills has spent the majority of her career working with – and advocating for – those individuals who benefit from integrated behavioral health care.  Recognizing that in many instances the care continuum expands into communities, Lizanne assisted in the development of one of the largest outpatient mental health facilities and internship programs in South-Eastern Pennsylvania.  Her extensive experience as both a therapist and administrator, blended with a dedication to quality outcomes, makes Lizanne an invaluable asset to JEVS Human Services. 

Most recently, Lizanne has acted as the Statewide Transition Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Medical Home Program and as an Outpatient Therapist with Omni Health Services.  Her skill set includes:

  • Comprehensive therapeutic approach for  adults and youth, in a variety of delivery settings
  • Certification in Integrated Physical and Behavioral Health
  • Extensive leadership and project management experience
  • Successful implementation of projects focused on Quality Health Outcomes.
  • Adept at staying abreast of current regulatory requirements and navigating systems accordingly
  • Ability to develop and motivate cross-functional teams
  • Emphasis on ongoing program evaluation and development activities.

Lizanne currently holds a MS in Clinical Psychology and an MBA in Healthcare Administration.